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Bookkeeping Services and Accounting Services


We provide back-office accounting services for companies ranging from small start-up operations to sophisticated multi-nationals. We deliver all of the services that such clients expect from an internal finance team but with the flexibility of a large, highly qualified and experienced team using reliable accounting software to ensure consistency and quality of service day in, day out.


We are able to receive, process and distribute information in electronic or paper form, allowing our clients to provide an efficient cost-effective service. We are often required to produce management accounts and group reporting packs to very tight timetables and have an enviable track-record for doing so.


Our Book Keeping Software’s integrates with other apps installed in the business system that run every aspect of a business. As a preferred outsourcing partner to 125+ clients, we have worked with all major accounting,and payroll software. Our accounting team can easily work with your preferred software like


1. Quickbooks  2.Zoho Books  3.Work Day  4.Mybooks  5.AccountMate   6.Accounts IQ  7.Flexi Financials


  • Bookkeeping for Revenue.

  • Bookkeeping for Purchases,

  • Bookkeeping for bank transactions

  • Bookkeeping for Expenses

  • Bookkeeping for Fixed Assets

  • Bookkeeping for Bank Loans


  • Accounting for Withholding Taxes

  • Accounting for Indirect Taxes like VAT

  • Accounting for Payroll

  • Accounting for Fixed Assets

  • Accounting for Inventory

  • Accounting for Line of Credit or Bank Loan

  • Accounting for Depreciation

  • Accounting for Foreign Exchange Transactions

Control Accounts

  • Purchase ledger control account

  • Revenue Ledger Control Account

  • Accounts Receivable Control Accounts

  • Accounts Payable Control Accounts

  • Reconciliation of business bank and business credit card accounts




Customer Invoice


Supplier- Purchase Invoice or Service Invoice 


Expenses Vouchers /Bills


Bank ,Credit Card, Loan Statements


Fixed Asset Purchase Invoices


Payroll Data

Monthly and Quarterly Trail balance

Accounts Payable Age Report

Cash Flow Report

Nominal Ledger

Accounts Receivable Age Report

MIS Reprt -If Required

You can expect from Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

1) Providing you with a scalable team of Bookkeepers to support your business


2) Reducing your infrastructure and maintenance overheads on Bookkeeping


3) Giving you access to a dedicated account manager for Online Bookkeeping.

4) Improving internal workflow with appropriate accounting software and


5) Providing on-site and/or remote bookkeeping and accounting.

6) Audit support on queries relating to Bookkeeping and Accounting.

Engagement Models



  • Pay only for the number of hours we have worked for you .

  • Task based engagement

  • Pricing dependent on hours worked

  • Monthly  billing




  • Get a dedicated Bookkeeper or individual to work exclusively on your project.

  • Project based engagement

  • Fixed Resource Rates




  • Buy pre-paid blocks of hours (1200, 2400, 3600 annual hours) with an attractive volume-based discount.

  • Project based engagement

  • As hours are delivered, they are deducted from the total hours purchased.

Maxout can provide Outsourced Online in the below Area for Bookkeeping Services , Accounting Services The companies from other Areas who wish to explore our Services of Bookkeeping, Accounting can be discussed on Case to Case Basis.

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