International Expansion

Maxout helps it's clients to make an informed decision to foray into newer Territories / Countries.


Maxout’s team of professionals, work on various strategies to help prospective Investors in exploring investment opportunities in a growing economy by analyzing a country's vision or budget documents. By exploring the factors which are instrumental in forming a decision to invest,

Factors that matter:

Ø  Socio-Economic Overview.

Ø Industry background in the country.

Ø Strategic Focus of the country.

Ø Market segmentation.

Ø SWOT Analysis of Internal & External factors.

Ø Preparing financials with requisite assumptions & key ratios for investments in a country.

1)Socio-Economic Overview - prominent indicators with reference to Peace index of the Country (political stability), Growth rate of economic, Ease of doing business, largest trading partners for the country, etc.

2)Industry background in the country, both existing & prospective sectors with respect to transportation infrastructure, employment opportunities, skill set availability, etc

3)Strategic Focus of the country with respect to Government spending, General election manifesto going forward. These could be

a) Government spending going forward in various sunrise/ priority sectors

b) Land bank development initiatives

c) Youth empowerment, Employment opportunity creation, Medical & Education initiatives, etc

d) Energy related projects, Port infrastructure, Affordable housing projects, Road infrastructure, etc


4)   Market segmentation analysis, competition analysis with case studies


5)   SWOT Analysis with respect to understanding Internal & External factors affecting the entity

i) Internal factors - Leveraging strengths & Mitigating weaknesses

ii) External factors - Exploring opportunities & Minimizing threats


6)   Preparing financials with requisite assumptions & key ratios for investments in a country