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Proposals would broadly fall under the following categories -


1. Servicing day to day accounts and finance activities and compliances.

Providing CFO professional financial management services with MIS right from initial, inception stage, scalable to expansion with monitoring for a healthy ROI.

Establishing right accounting practice, overseeing accounts writing and compliance with statutory requirements.

2. Regular, Ad hoc, immediate and urgent financial requirements.

Raising working capital for regular operations and quick finance for short term burst requirements.


3. Finance for asset procurement.

Funding purchase of assets like medical equipments, furniture, AC, lifts, gensets etc.

4. Finance for initial establishment and expansion.

Funding for hospital construction, infrastructure and expansion like additional floors, ICU, additional OT or constructing a building in an empty area of the existing plot of land.

5. Elaborate, very long term savings in power costs.

Saving power costs by arranging for third party solar energy providers with zero investment from hospital. The lower tariff benefit shall accrue during a long term contract.

6. Finance for multi-location facilities.

Franchisee model for rapid expansion and setting up of a chain of diagnostic centers.

7. Private equity and journey to IPO.

Arranging for private equity, driving ultimately towards a successful IPO.

8. Large hospital projects to go to the next level.

Macro activities like M&A - buy / sell, acquisition financing, JV, India entry strategy.

It is here that we really fund the aspirations of very large corporate tertiary hospitals with a 3 to 7 year window.

9. Elaborate and innovative insurance cover.

A whole host of insurance packages including credit and debtor, protection from loss of business, lower returns, loss due to equipment downtime and malpractice suits.


10. Helping during the sunset hour.

Arranging for an appropriate valuation and exit package for retiring doctors having hospitals and no one available within the family to run it any further.