Credit and Debtor Insurance

Protect your wealth

We live in a world filled with uncertainties and we often find ways to lower the risk that we hold. One such method of mitigating risks is Insurance.

For any business the growth depends on the number of buyers you find for your products or services. Most of the time the businesses give out their services or products on credit. When the plans are made this receivable is taken into account as well. However there lies a risk of non payment of dues. Maybe the other company went bankrupt and shut down its working. Maybe the the company was completely new to you and turned out to be a fraud. This would be a setback to your business and your plans would be in jeopardy.
Maxout provides Credit/Debtor Insurance so that you can trade peacefully and know that your future and your plans are secure.


Other Services Provided by Maxout are Sme IPo Advisory , Fund Raising , Partner Search or Joint Ventures